Andy Scott, C-TEC
Andy Scott
Projects Director

As a founder and director of C-TEC and SigNET, Andy is very knowledgeable about voice alarms, commercial and domestic fire alarms and BS 8629 evacuation alert systems. He is Chair of BSI/FSH/12/5, the committee responsible for UK standards for fire alarm devices, voice alarm evacuation systems and emergency voice communications, and sits on several other BSI, CEN, ETSI and FIA committees.

His current focus is on Hush ActiV and Hush Pro, C-TEC’s innovative new BS 5839-6 residential Grade C domestic fire alarm solutions. Hush-Pro is monitored for faults, reduces false alarms and is very simple for residents to use. It can be easily and effectively integrated with landlord systems and the 'Cloud', via which data can be analysed to help Building Safety Managers. If you’d like to find out more, please contact Andy via email at


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